Dr. Tam, Canada’s Chief Public Health Officer to address the 55th IMCL Conference

Dr. Theresa Tam, Canada’s Chief Public Health Officer will speak at the 55th IMCL Conference on Designing Healthy Living, the topic of her new Report on the State of Public Health in CanadaDr. Tam will address “the tremendous potential that changing our built environment has for helping [all to] live healthier lives”. – Her call is relevant for people in cities around the world.

Type-2 diabetes and many other chronic diseases that plague society today can “be reduced by seamlessly integrating healthy living into our daily lives which can be achieved, in part, by designing and redesigning our communities”.

Dr. Tam calls for encouraging “more dialogue across the many disciplines involved in community planning and health promotion so that neighbourhood design considers and promotes physical activity, healthy diets and mental wellness”.

This is exactly what the IMCL Conference does, bringing together those at the forefront of work in this interdisciplinary area from planning, urban design, transportation planning, landscape architecture, public health, and social sciences together with elected city officials who are in a position to guide the necessary policy changes.

Join the Conference and be part of this Healthy Planning Revolution!

You can download Dr. Tam's report here: