2014 Design Awards

Active Mobility/Complete Streets Award

Presented to Design Workshop, Inc. and Walter P Moore & Assocs. for the design of Bagby Street Houston

An admirable reconstruction of a traffic-dominated road into a hospitable pedestrian-friendly street, using paving, lighting, seating, trees and rain gardens to improve safety and vitality.

Neighborhood Plaza Award

Presented to City of Mississauga for the design of Mississauga Celebration Square

An inspired redesign of a grand civic square that invites year round celebration, relaxation and play, bringing the community together and reinforcing civic pride and identity.

Housing the Homeless Award

Presented to Egan Simon Architecture for the design of Step Up on Vine

A welcoming, context-appropriate redesign that helps homeless persons rebuild self-esteem, social skills, and a healthy relationship with the community.

2014 Healthy Cities for ALL Commendations

10-Minute Neighborhood Commendation

Presented to Urban Environments Design Group for the design of Lagos de Batan

An outstanding design of an exclusive new urbanist development, using a compact, walkable, mixed-use urban fabric, and emphasizing an array of gathering places and walking paths.

Housing the Homeless Commendation

Presented to New Hope Housing, Inc. for the design of 4415 Perry

A handsome building that strengthens self-esteem, facilitates mutual support, and helps develop social and life skills.