The Death and Life of Great American…Suburbs?

Long considered beneath serious attention by design and planning elites, suburban settlements in the United States are emerging as key arenas to address crucial environmental, economic, and social issues. By: Michael Mehaffy Orenco Station Town Center in Hillsboro, Oregon The late New York Times architecture critic Herbert Muschamp was probably speaking for many architects and … Read more

Architecture Programs Need a Change: Put People First—Not Just ‘Art’

Here is an essay on architectural education and the need for reform, written by a group of educators and practitioners including our own executive director, Michael Mehaffy: This essay responds to the British architecture schools’ “Open Letter to the Architectural Community: A Call for Curriculum Change.” Since educating architects is a global problem, the analysis … Read more

56th IMCL Conference Workshops Summary

The Final Friday Workshop reviewed participants’ priorities as to how we should best take into account the needs of children, elders, and the poor as we make decisions about the built environment. This is the summary of the Final Workshop findings: TOP RECOMMENDATIONS! 1.  How does the local government engage with the public? – we … Read more

A Successful IMCL Conference!

This was a very dynamic and lively conference! From the Workshops and Welcome Reception on Monday, the stimulating main plenary sessions and concurrent sessions with so many engaged participants, the conference luncheon and Awards Ceremony, to the Final Workshop and tour, the conference was a great success. Participants seem to have enjoyed the event and … Read more

Mayor Rui Moreira: An exemplary role model

“I cannot conceive of managing a city that is prosperous, but only for some. I pledged that I would govern in an inclusive manner, using the attraction of investment and access to culture as instruments of social cohesion and true democracy, empowering and networking with local stakeholders for maximum impact.” – Mayor Rui Moreira [1] Mayor … Read more

Raves for the Ottawa Conference

This past conference was the best one I have attended in nearly 30 years. Ken Mech, MCIP, RPP Manager of Current Planning, City of Niagara Falls, Ontario Fabulous conference. I was so delighted to be part of it and to have the participation of my company Stantec. We all thoroughly enjoyed the week and the … Read more

Thank you!

Many thanks to everyone who helped make the 55thIMCL Conference on Healthy, 10-Minute Neighborhoods such a resounding success! To the city of Ottawa, speakers, panelists, sponsors, competitors, tour leaders, volunteers, and participants  – you all contributed magnificently!  The Ottawa Conference is over, but if you would still like to access the conference web pages (speakers, program, … Read more

Designing Healthy Living, Dr. Tam to Speak in Ottawa

Dr. Tam, Canada’s Chief Public Health Officer, urges Canadian cities to improve the nation’s health by reshaping the built environment. Ottawa will host the 55thInternational Making Cities Livable Conference on Healthy 10-Minute Neighborhoods, May 14-18, assembling an international roster of outstanding speakers to examine how best to ensure that within a 10-minute walk or bike ride, most … Read more

“The Magic Seeds of a Healthy, Livable and Walkable Community;” George Ferguson to Speak…

George Ferguson, CBE, PPRIBA, RWA, a British politician, former architect and entrepreneur, who served as the first elected Mayor of Bristol  (2012 to 2016) will give a keynote speech titled Enabling the Urban Village at the upcoming 55th International Making Cities Livable Conference on Healthy, 10-Minute Neighborhoods in Ottawa, May 14-18. As Ottawa plans extensive … Read more

We Can Build Beautiful, Human-Scale Cities! Mayor Brainard to Speak in Ottawa

Cities throughout Canada are growing rapidly. For the sake of citizens’ health and to slow the effects of climate change the biggest challenge is to transform auto-dependent suburban sprawl into walkable neighborhoods. Mayor James Brainard of Carmel, Indiana will speak at the 55thIMCL Conference on Healthy, 10-Minute Neighborhoods, in Ottawa, May 14-18, about how Carmel … Read more