Conference Photos

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Dear friends:

Here are some photos taken during the Santa Fe Conference. The photos were taken Annabel Shao, David Woltering, Nakia Navarro, and Suzanne Lennard. I hope that you enjoy them.

Please contact us if you have photos you would like to share!

Photo Credits

Santa Fe - David and Nancy Woltering

Mobile Workshops - Annabel Shao, Nancy Woltering

Welcome Reception - Annabel Shao, Nakia Navarro, Nancy Woltering

Sessions - Annabel Shao, Nancy Woltering, Suzanne Lennard

Events on the Plaza - David and Nancy Woltering

Bandelier - David and Nancy Woltering

Social - Annabel Shao, Nancy Woltering, Suzanne Lennard

Awards Ceremony - David and Nancy Woltering

Workshops - David and Nancy Woltering