#96 New Urban Neighborhoods

Number of presentations – 5, including:

Redesigning a Dysfunctional Neighborhood to be Healthy    (Paper, Slides, and Video)
Ettore Mazzola, Architect & Urbanist, Professor, University of Notre Dame, Rome, ITALY.

Poundbury, a Sustainable New Urban Settlement    (Slides and Video)
Simon Conibear, Development Manager, Duchy of Cornwall, Poundbury, UK.

HAB Housing    (Slides and Video)
Kevin McCloud, MBE, HAB Housing, Bristol, UK 

Nansledan: the Design and Delivery of a Sustainable Urban Extension to Newquay, Cornwall    (Paper and Slides)
Hugh Petter, Director ADAM Urbanism, Winchester, UK.

Factors and Priorities for delivering value at the Residential Neighbourhood Level Master-Planning     (Paper)
Amer Alwarea, University of Dundee, SCOTLAND.

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