#77 Designing for Social Sustainability

Number of presentations - 10, including:

Social Sustainability and Urban Design (Paper and Slides) Suzanne H. Crowhurst Lennard, Ph.D.(Arch.), Co-founder and Director, International Making Cities Livable Conferences, Portland, OR

The Lifetime Community (Slides) Philip Stafford, Ph.D., Director, Center on Aging and Community, Indiana Institute on Disability and Community, Indiana University, Bloomington, IN

Improving Suburbs for All Ages: Scorecard and Toolkit (Paper and Slides) Scott Ranville, President, Human Life Project - Creating Enlivened, Strong, Sustainable Communities, Littleton, CO

County Health Rankings & Roadmaps – Health Being Where You Live, Learn, Work & Play (Slides) Angela Russell, Associate Research, University of Wisconsin Population Health, Institute, Madison, WI

Civic Ecology: A Citizen-Driven Framework for Transforming Suburban Communities (Paper and Slides) Timothy Smith, AIA, AICP, Principal / Director of Urban Design and Planning, SERA Architects, Portland, OR

Know Your Neighbors, Save the Planet (Paper and Slides) Thomas Macias, Associate Professor, Dept. of Sociology, University of Vermont, Burlington, VT

Sustainable Social Health (Paper and Slides) Carolina Casares, MD, MPH, Program Director, Health Initiatives, American Cancer Society, Office of Health Disparities, Sustainable Social Health, Decatur, GA

Social Sustainability and Suburbia (Paper and Slides) Steve Rossiter, Associate Director, Elton Consulting, Bondi Junction, AUSTRALIA

Civic and Social Engagement in Piazza San Cosimato, Rome, Italy (Paper and Slides) Paul Zorr, Professor of Architecture, School of Architecture, Planning, and Landscape Architecture, Auburn University, Auburn, AL

Courage and Common Sense: Women and Cities (Paper and Slides) Jane Margaret Jose, Associate Director, Elton Consulting, Sydney, AUSTRALIA

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