#73 Healthy Planning & Urban Design: International Perspectives

Number of presentations - 11 - including:

Urban Regeneration of a Suburban District: Corviale, Rome (Paper and Slides)
Ettore Maria Mazzola, Professor of Traditional Urbanism, Architecture & Building Techniques, The University of Notre Dame School of Architecture, Rome, ITALY

Mixed-Income Housing within a TOD (Paper and Slides)
Jason Graf, ASLA, Crandall Arambula, Portland, OR, USA

Eco-TOD: Creating Sustainable Transit Villages (Paper and Slides)
James Hencke, ASLA, LEED AP, PB’s PlaceMaking Group, Portland, OR, USA

Traditional Town Planning  (Paper and Slides)
Mary Frances Czarnecki, New Traditional Architecture, Portland, OR, USA

Master Planned Communities and the Re-formation of Cities for Health and Wellbeing: The Case of Selandra Rise (Paper and Slides)
Cecily Maller, Senior Research Fellow, Centre for Design, RMIT University, Melbourne, Victoria, AUSTRALIA

Developing active and healthy places: Case study of a master planned community in Australia (Paper and Slides)
Bhishna Bajracharya, Dr., Assoc Prof., Institute of Sustainable Development and Architecture, Bond University, Robina, QLD, AUSTRALIA

Urban Mobility and Spatial Fragmentation of Retail Centers (Paper and Slides)
Orit Rotem-Mindali, Dr. Department of Geography and Environment, Bar Ilan University, Ramat Gan, ISRAEL

Exploiting the Site for Creating Healthy Communities: An Architect’s View from the Bottom Up (Paper and Slides)
Philip Speranza, Assistant Professor, University of Oregon, Portland, OR, USA

Designing Hospitals and Medical Centers as Healthy Livable Urban Districts (Paper and Slides)
David Allison, FAIA, ACHA, Professor, Director of Graduate Studies in Architecture + Health, Clemson University, Clemson, SC, USA

Social Accessibility in the Large Post-Industrial City: from Traditional Planning of “Microdistrict” to Newest Demands (Paper and Slides)
Irina Fedchenko, Urban Planning Department, Siberian Federal University, Krasnoyarsk, RUSSIA

In the process of searching for the “ideal formula” for the complete micro-district. Siberian experience. (Paper and Slides)
Irina Kukina, Professor, Urban Planning Department, Siberian Federal University, Krasnoyarsk, RUSSIA

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