#35 Models of Urban Design & Architecture: Critical Appraisals

Number of papers - 8, including:

Corporate Control of Urban Development: Bypassing National Boundaries
Derek Drummond, McGill University, Montreal, Canada

A Quest for Origins: Old World precedent for American architects and urbanists
John Henry, Orlando, FL, USA

Three Typologies of the Traditional City
Michael Lykoudis, Notre Dame, IN, USA

Woman as Creator? Between Domestication and Urban Challenge
Barbara Kreis, Nürnberg, Germany

An Honest to Goodness Town
John Henry, Orlando, FL, USA

Suburban Placelessness & Identity
Gail Peter Borden, Raleigh, NC, USA

Perforated, Bent & Folded: Urban Fabric for Human Consumption
Kenneth Masden, San Antonio, TX

Urban Space: Real & Imagined
Irena Latek, Montreal, Canada

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