#34 Urban Space & Form: Cultural Patterns

Number of papers - 12, including:

Traditional Courtyard Houses of Mexico City: a Comparative Analysis of Contemporary Utilization of Space
Jack Dunne, University of Liverpool, UK

Towers of Tuscany
Kingsbury Marzolf, Architect, Chicago, IL

The Public Space & the Monuments of the City
Peter Webber, Sydney, Australia

Two Colonial Cities – A World Apart?
Deirdre J. Hardy, Miami, FL, USA

Making South African Cities Livable
David Dewar, Cape Town, South Africa

User Needs Analysis for a City Center Revitalization
Klaus P. Pötzlberger & Alexander G. Keul, Salzburg, Austria

Historical Development of the Squares on the “Mese” Road, Istanbul
Ömur Barkul & Seda Tönük, Istanbul, Turkey

The Development of Public Space in Istanbul 2000
Hüseyin Cengiz, Istanbul, Turkey

Regenerating the Cultural Mosaic of Istanbul
Sema Soygenis, Istanbul, Turkey

Urban Design Concepts for achieving a Balinese Town Conducive to Cultural Identity
T. Nirarta Samadhi, Malang, Indonesia

Plaza de la República, Maracaibo. Example of Social Communication and Participation
Carmen Velasquez, Maracaibo, Colombia

Chandigarh. Search for Imageability within a Modernist Paradigm
Anu Sabhlok, University Park, PA, USA

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