#33 Creating Livable Downtowns

Number of papers - 13, including:

Pedals & Palaver Parks
Joe E. Martignago, Kamloops, BC

The Curse of the Colonnade: A Case Study of Georgian Bath
Bruce Yoell, Bath, UK

Creating Livable Downtowns: Paseo Colorado, California
Stanton Eckstut, New York, NY, USA

Strategic Redevelopment Plan, Madison, WI
Ed Freer, Madison, WI, USA

Downtown Revitalization: An Evolutionary, Sustainable Approach
City of Chilliwack, BC

Urban Design for a New City Image and Livable Neighborhoods
Vicente del Rio, California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo

Building Communities through Mixed Use Projects
David Mogavero, Sacramento, CA

New Urban Neighborhoods in Old Urban Ways
Larry B. Beasley, Vancouver, BC, Canada

Melbourne, an Urban Renaissance
Rob Adams, Melbourne, Australia

Rebuilding Main Street, Vancouver, British Columbia
Eric Fiss, Vancouver, BC, Canada

New Solutions to Revitalizing “Mid-Urban” Main Streets
Ruth E. Harrington, David D. Dixon, Boston, MA, USA

Extending the Vision for South Broad Street, Philadelphia
Bennur Koksuz, Philadelphia, PA, USA

Piotrkowska Street – Continuous Revival of Łodz’s Main Street
Renata Mikielewicz, Łodz, Poland

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