#32 New Ideas for Sustainable Cities

Number of papers - 12, including:

Sustainability Planning in Canadian Cities
William Bernhagen & David Laverny-Rafter, Minnesota State University

Sustainable Cities: Phrases or Practice?
Bill Hopwood, Sustainable Cities Research Institute, Newcastle upon Tyne

Identifying and Overcoming Barriers to Smart Growth Development
Dr. Lawrence D. Frank & Mr. Peter Engelke, Georgia Institute, Atlanta

The Future of the City
Michael Lykoudis, University of Notre Dame

Towards Livability and Sustainability. A study of density, diversity, growth and change in a San Francisco Area community
Richard M. Beckman, University of Nevada, Las Vegas

Transforming Sprawl into Livable Communities.
John H. Kari, Twin Cities Metropolitan Council

The Urbanism of God
Dino Marcantonio, University of Notre Dame

The Crisis has Transformed the Actors and Forces in Shaping the City, Jakarta
Karnaya, University of Indonesia

Rebuilding Neighborhood Scale Commercial Nodes in the Inner City
Alycen Whiddon, City of Atlanta

The Ecology of Urbanism
John L. Brown, University of Calgary

Technology as Community Shaper
Thomas Martineau

Innovation in Community Design: the Davis Experience
Jeff Loux, City of Davis

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