#25 Historic Cities in Transformation

Number of papers - 12, including:


Heritage and Development: Implications for the Planning and Management of Historic Cities
June D. Komisar, University of Michigan

Reshaping Growth in Arvada: Redeveloping and Revitalizing its Historic Urban Center
Gordon Reusink, City of Arvada, CO

Redesigning the Historic Center Area
Evawani Ellisa, The University of Indonesia

Preservation vs. Fossilization: Governmental Policy Towards “Museum Cities” in Albania and its Ideological Underpinnings
Arben Nuri Arapi

Bucharest: An Urban Tragedy (Ceausescu’s Plan for the Reconstruction of the Historic Center)
Maria de Betania Uchoa Cavalcanti

An Urban Agenda for the Development of Historical Cities in the People’s Republic of China: Practice and Perspectives
Baoshan Han, Georgia Institute of Technology

Siena and Heart: Historic Milieu and Morphology of Two Cities
Rafi Samizay, Washington State University

Dietary Fibre for an Historic City: A Case Study of the Georgian City of Bath
Bruce Yoell, Bath, England

Counterurbanization and the Edge Condition of Castiglione Fiorentino, Italy
Philip N. Pregill, California State Polytechnic University

Endangered Historic Cities in the Black Belt of Alabama and Mississippi
David Weaver, University of Alabama

Regeneration of Old Beijing (Problems and Prospects)
Vikram Bhatt, Andre Casault, David Covo & Jesus Navarrete, McGill University

Planning Policy Guidelines in Moscow
Aleksei V. Krasheninnikov, University of Oregon

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