#121 Designing Excellent Cities and Public Places

Design Matters (Slides)
Ferdinand S. Johns, Oak Harbor, WA, USA

Learning from the Rudy Bruner Award (Paper and Slides)
Anne-Marie Lubenau, Cambridge, MA and Robert Shibley, Buffalo, NY

The Role of Public Places in Making Cities Livable (Slides)
Suzanne H. Crowhurst Lennard, Portland, OR, USA

The Language of Change (Slides)
George Ferguson, Bristol, UK

Climate Change and Urban Design (Slides)
James Brainard, Carmel, IN

Public Places in the New Urban Agenda: Research Into Action (Slides)
Michael Mehaffy, Portland, OR

Urban Sequences (Slides)
Ettore Maria Mazzola, Rome, ITALY

Preserving the Urban Integrity of the City of Bath, England (Slides)
Richard M. Economakis, South Bend, IN, USA

Integrating High Technology Knowledge Work Environments into Communities through Purposeful Design (Paper and Slides)
David Woltering, San Bruno, CA

Inspiring People: Employing Creative Catalysts for More Livable Cities (Paper)
Nancy Rivenburgh, Seattle, WA

The Stations Are The City – Leveraging Bart and High Speed Rail to Generate 
San Jose’s Next Great Places (Paper and Slides)

Rick Phillips, San Jose, CA