#119 Reclaiming Neighborhoods

Save Britain’s Heritage and the Spittalfields Trust – Smithfield Market/Kings 
College Strand/Spitalfields (Paper and Slides)

John Burrell, London, United Kingdom

Brownfields to Greenfields – Linking Environment and Health (Paper and Slides)
Juliana Maantay, New York, NY

The Project of New Social Condensers for Metropolitan Areas (Paper and Slides)
Lucina Caravaggi and Cristina Imbroglini, Rome, Italy

Revitalizing the Ramshackle: INDentrification via Placemaking (Paper)
Matt Ashby and Scott Wilson, Cheyenne, WY

Framing The Future Of Linnahall, Tallinn, Estonia (Paper and Slides)
Vaike Haas, Morgantown, WV and Blake Belanger, Manhattan, KS

This Space is Mine, Yours, and Ours (Paper and Slides)
Mark De La Torre, Denver, CO and Nicole Hofert, Glendale, CO

Death of Public. Trade-offs in Defining Public Space (Paper and Slides)
Don C. Faulkner, Fargo, ND

Andrew and the Phoenix: The Rebirth of a Downtown (Paper)
George Gretsas, Homestead, FL

Local Identity Regeneration of Public Spaces (Paper and Slides)
Yuhan Shao, Shanghai, China