#116 Public Places for Social Health and Community

The Importance of the Public Realm in Developing the Age-Friendly Community (Slides)
Philip B. Stafford, Bloomington, IN

Public Space and Civic Life: Threats and Opportunities (Slides) 
Setha Low, New York, NY

People of the Passeggiata (Paper and Slides)
David Helburn Sachs, Manhattan, KS

Urban Agriculture as a Catalyst for Place-Based Community Development (Paper and Slides)
Scott Truex, Muncie, IN

Supporting Shared Spaces and Shared Places (Paper and Slides)
Nicole M. Cromwell, Billings, MT

Making Space for Democracy: A Study of the Use of Public Space By Migrant Workers 
in Singapore (Paper)

Nur Atiqa Asri, Brooklyn, NY

Design Engagement as a Catalyst for Promoting Democratic Dialogue around Shared Values (Paper)
Ole Sleipness and David Evans, Logan, UT

Improvisational Landscape: One Step Closer to Inclusive and Democratic Public 
Spaces (Paper)

Elyana Javaheri, Richmond, VA

Evolving Roles for Nigeria’s Urban Public Realm: A Tale of Two Cities (Paper and Slides)
Charles Ware, Corona del Mar, CA

“It is a useless life that is not consecrated to any great ideal”: Public Spaces Celebrating Dr. José Rizal (Paper and Slides)
Brian Mayes and Alison Marshall, Winnipeg, MT, Canada