#114 The Public Realm

Number of presentations – 11, including:

Implementing the New Urban Agenda: Changing the "Operating System for Growth" (Slides)
Michael Mehaffy, Portland, OR

Intergenerational Contact Zones: Design for Engagement across the Generations (Slides) 
Philip B. Stafford, Bloomington, IN

Playing in the vicinity: The effects of proximity of play environments on child active play (Slides)
Lamine Madhoubi, Bristol, UK

Designing Neighborhood Squares and Building Social Networks (Slides)
Suzanne H. Crowhurst Lennard, Portland, OR

Park Lane Woonerf. A Place for Community (Paper and Slides)
Eric Schmidt, Seattle, WA, USA

Claiming Back the Public Space to Urban Communities (Paper)
Meryem Balkadi, Cincinnati, OH, USA

Fear of Crime, Stress, and Features of the Built Environment (Paper)
Chathurthi Subiksha De Silva, Newark, NJ, USA

Generating Community in 10-Minute Neighborhoods: Creating Communication-Rich Environments (Paper and Slides)
Nancy Rivenburgh, Seattle, WA, USA

Learning from Fractured Places: the Importance of ‘Local’ in Community Resilience and Development (Slides)
Simon Kingham, Christchurch, NEW ZEALAND

City Walls – Reclaiming by Reshaping Essential Urban Elements: Wayfinding, Placemaking, and Attracting Eyes to the Streets (Paper and Slides)
Zachary Meers, Detroit, MI, USA

Life on the Other Side of the Wall: The Shaping of Practices In and Outside Gated Communities in Mexico (Paper and Slides)
Emma Regina Morales, Puebla, MEXICO

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