#11 New Town Development

Number of papers - 10, including:
Seeking an Alternative to Suburban Inefficiency
Todd Zimmerman
The Neo-Traditional Village Concept
Peter H. Brown
Social Interaction via 21st Century Housing
Victor A. Mirontschuk
A Developer's Village Commitment
Chris Gigliotti, Jr.
Re-Affirmation of the European Model
Laurie Volk
An Organic Experience in Creating the Heart of a New City
William J. Anglin, Jr. and Glatting Lopez Kercher Anglin
Re-examining the Planned Communities of Reston, Virginia and Tapiola, Finland
Judith Robb and Melissa Houghton
New/Traditional Town Planning (The rejection of the New and Rediscovery of Traditional Town Planning)
Malcolm D. Moor
Urban Villages: Tampa's Model for a Livable Future?
James A. Moore
Tualatin Village Square: A Suburban Search for Sense of Place
Jeffrey Tashman

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