2018 International Urban Design Award

Architect Maxim Atayants, St. Petersburg, Russia believes it is important to create a continuous, human scale urban fabric that provides a hospitable background and setting for people’s lives. He believes cities need a fabric of urban blocks, and a hierarchy of roads, streets, boulevards.

Atayants has designed nine new neighborhoods around Moscow over the last decade. Many are already built, sold and inhabited by more than 25,000 people, and some new neighborhoods are under construction and in design.  

2015 IMCL Lewis Mumford Award to Jan Gehl

Jan Gehl received the 2015 IMCL Lewis Mumford Award at the 52nd IMCL Conference in Bristol, UK.  As Gehl asserts, " life and regard for people in city space must have a key role in the planning of cities and built up areas... caring for people in the city is an important key for achieving more lively, safe, sustainable and healthy cities, all goals of crucial importance in the 21st century."

2014 IMCL Lewis Mumford Award

The 2014 International Making Cities Livable‚Ä® Lewis Mumford Award to

Mayor George Ferguson and Bristol City Council

for their leadership in creating a Healthy Bristol for All

Working to enhance streets for social life and celebration, for pedestrians, bicyclists and public transit, and reducing the negative impacts of the car  - these measures will improve the health of all residents, especially children.

2012 International Urban Design Award

The 2012 International Making Cities Livable
International Urban Design Award to

Ettore Maria Mazzola

for his exemplary project, “Urban Regeneration of the Groundscraper, Corviale, Rome”

In recognition of this visionary proposal to replace a “ground-scraper” with a human-scale new-traditional small town with mixed-use and piazzas, improving the landscape, economic and social well-being, without disrupting the inhabitants.

Mayor Charles Royer

Charles RoyerThe International Making Cities Livable Jane Jacobs Award To

Mayor Charles Royer

For his dedication to urban livability and the needs of children, and current strategies through the Institute for Community Change to create walkable, livable, sustainable communities.

Mayor Joseph P. Riley, Jr.

Mayor Joseph P. Riley, Jr.The International Making Cities Livable Award To

Mayor Joseph P. Riley, Jr.

For his lifetime dedication to making cities livable and child-friendly, raising awareness of these issues through his inspiring leadership of the Mayors' Action Challenge for Children and Families, and the National League of Cities' Council of Youth, Education and Families

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