Suzanne H. Crowhurst Lennard - Planning Principles for Green, Healthy Cities

On June 30th, IMCL Director Suzanne Crowhurst Lennard opened the 52nd IMCL Conference in Bristol, UK, with these words: “To achieve green, healthy cities we have to have an urban environment that ensures human, economic, and ecological sustainability. These are important goals, but there are massive forces that prevent us from achieving them…"

Human sustainability means a good social and physical health for all, old and young, rich and poor – in other words, health equity; and a special emphasis for us on the well-being of children because they must grow up healthy in order to carry this sustainability into the future. “We need economic sustainability, and that means a city economy that grows at a pace that ensures a living wage for all, and that does not enrich the few at the expense of the majority. And we need an ecological sustainability, that means an urban form that does not deplete the earth, that does not require vast energy resources to build and maintain, and does not cause massive pollution and climate change in the construction process.