Mayor George Ferguson - Making Bristol Green and Healthy for All

George Ferguson, Mayor of Bristol, talks about why Bristol was selected as 2015 European Green Capital, and about Bristol’s program to become greener and healthier in the future.

“Thanks Suzanne, and first a denial: it’s not down to me that we are European Green Capital. I’ve been involved as an activist in the city for many years, but it is down to ALL those activists. It is down to Bristol’s Green Capital Partnership, which is a partnership of 800 organizations, and I always say, this is a great city in spite of its leadership. It is a great city because its a city of people who take initiative, and its the people who take the initiative that make a good place. I think that applies to everywhere, and my job is to enable…

… I’ve got a long way to go. I want to involve our kids much more in the future of their own city. I want every single officer, every single person making a decision in this city to think about how is this going to improve the life of a child, how is this going to make a safer place? Whether you are making decisions about housing, about roads, about food, whatever decision you are making being driven by a very very simple, single message – is this making this a more child-friendly city? Because if we do, we make it a much more friendly city for everybody of whatever age.

That is a little feel of where I am trying to go, because “What is the city but the people?” -  as Shakespeare said in Coriolanus.