Design Competition deadline extended to Jan. 20

Designing for Green, Healthy Cities

Deadline: January 20, 2014.

The 2015 IMCL Design Competition jury will consider all submissions that speak to creating a more livable city, but projects related to the topic Designing for Green, Healthy Cities are actively sought, and will be given particular consideration.

ELIGIBILITY: Urban design, planning, architecture, and landscape architecture projects are eligible. Projects may be already in use, or proposed. There are no geographic limitations.

The Awards Committee will be looking for planning, architecture and urban design projects that enhance the livability of the city by creating a more humane, multi-functional, stimulating, useful, beautiful, egalitarian public realm. They will seek projects that contribute to creating a city integrated with its region and landscape, a city for children, a city based on human scale and the pedestrian, a city of short distances, a city that is a work of art, a city that promotes health and healthy behavior, …….  A Livable City.

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