IMCL Honor Award, Proposed Project – City Continuity Community

Jury’s comment: This project to save the historic fabric and vibrant quality of life of a section of London has enormous international significance, especially now, when large scale demolition of swathes of historic cities around the world is accelerating. The Norton Folgate district was democratically designated a Conservation Area 40 years ago. Mayor Johnson unilaterally … Read more

IMCL Honor Award, Built Project – Sundance Square, Fort Worth

Jury’s comment: It is of great significance that a major Texan city wedded to the automobile has created a main square free of traffic. Sundance Square, framed by two fine early 20th century buildings (Jett Building and the Land Title Building) and two handsome 21st century buildings in keeping with the historic setting (the Commerce … Read more

Designing Successful Neighborhood Squares. Part 6. Surrounding building heights/proportions

By Suzanne H. Crowhurst Lennard “In ancient times… public squares, or plazas, were… of prime necessity, for they were theaters for the principal scenes of public life.”  Camillo Sitte[1]. “… there must be open spaces that provide a fitting stage for the drama of daily life.” August Heckscher[2]. Lively social life in the community requires … Read more

Designing Successful Neighborhood Squares. Part 4: The Community’s Living Room

By Suzanne H. Crowhurst Lennard To be successful, a neighborhood square must be designed for people. It must feel like the community’s living room –  lively, safe, comfortable and hospitable. It must facilitate social interaction and foster a sense of community identity. To achieve these goals, enclosure, sunlight and shade, protection from inclement weather, and … Read more

Safe Public Spaces

Every day, there are people who leave their home and feel unsafe in the world. They experience inescapable threats to their lives and livelihood from the system that has been built up around them, forced to move through spaces that feel at best uninviting and at worst mortally dangerous. These people are not abstractions. They … Read more

Early Alert: the 55th IMCL Conference

IMCL is delighted to announce that the 55th IMCL Conference will take place in Ottawa, May 14-18, 2018, with the very active partnership of the City, and will focus on the immensely important theme of Healthy, 10-Minute Neighborhoods.   Efforts are under way around the world to create healthy neighborhoods where walking, biking and public … Read more

Designing Successful Neighborhood Squares. Part 2: Accessibility

By Suzanne H. Crowhurst Lennard At the crossing of pedestrian ways A neighborhood square must be located at the central crossing point of a network of interconnected pedestrian routes through the neighborhood. As local residents walk through the square on their way to work, school, shopping, running errands, or to catch transit to the city … Read more