A Healthy City for ALL – this is what people want – and need!

A Healthy City for ALL

That’s what the 56thIMCL Conference in Portland, Oregon, June 17-21, 2019 is calling for! 

We rejoice that many cities now are becoming more healthy, by making great improvements in walkability, bikeability, public transit, and access to community, nature and healthy food. We will hear from some of the best models around the world. 

The BIG challenge is that these goals are not reaching those most in need. The poorest neighborhoods suffer the greatest health problems. We will hear from cities that are tackling these problems head on with outstanding programs for equitable, healthy neighborhoods.

The unprecedented housing affordability crisis affects all, and is rapidly increasing homelessness. This cannot continue! We will hear from leading cities with innovative strategies to rein in housing commodification, and end homelessness!

Join us at this immensely important meeting in Portland to share your experience and learn more ways to achieve A Healthy City for ALL!