Design Awards

2016 Design Awards

IMCL Honor Award:
  Proposed Project:
    Refugee Village Masterplan
    Richard Economakis Architectural Design
Selected for Final Jury:
  Proposed Projects:
    Bailey Green Revitalization, Buffalo, NY
    Hiro Hata, University at Buffalo
    Zhangjiabang, Shanghai, China
    Michael Grove, Sasaki Associates
  Built Project:
    Bruce C. Bolling Municipal Building, Boston, MA
    Sarah Laliberte, Sasaki/Mecanoo

2015 Design Awards

IMCL Honor Awards:
  Built Project:
    New Town of Cayala, Guatemala
Pedro Godoy & María Sánchez, Richard Economakis and
Léon Krier
  Proposed Projects:
    Urban Regeneration ZEN
   Arch. Ettore Maria Mazzola
    Baltimore Urban Farmstead
   Scott Truex, Sustainable Communities Institute
IMCL Merit Award
  Proposed Project
    Green Street Vision 
  David Thompson, Polly Neal, AMEC Environment & Infrastructure UK
Honorable Mentions
  Built Projects:
    Caernarfon Castle Square
   David McKenna, IBI Group
  Proposed Projects:
   Peter Verschuren, Jeroen Goes, Wissing BV
   Arch. Ettore Maria Mazzola

2014 Design Awards

Active Mobility/Complete Streets Award: Design Workshop, Inc. and Walter P Moore & Assocs.

Neighborhood Plaza Award: City of Mississauga

Housing the Homeless Award: Egan Simon Architecture


10-Minute Neighborhood Commendation:

Urban Environments Design Group

Housing the Homeless Commendation:

New Hope Housing, Inc.

2012 Healthy Communities for All Awards

Walkable Neighborhood Award: City of Fort Myers

Urban Plazas Award: Rundell Ernstberger Assoc.

Urban Plazas Award: Swift Company LLC


Walkable Neighborhoods Commendation:

City of Golden, CO

Urban Plazas Commendations:

Town of Newmarket, Ontario, Canada
The City of Terrace, British Columbia, Canada

2010 Design Awards

Community Places Award: King Street, Kitchener

Neighborhood Award: Glenwood Park

Streetscape Award: La Jolla Blvd

Green Places Award: Out on a Limb

Green Places Commendations:

San Joaquin Marsh & Wildlife Sanctuary
Everett Children’s Adventure Garden
Outdoor Learning Center
Franklin Children’s Garden

2009 Design Awards

Urban Plazas Award: Jamison Square, Portland, OR

Nature Spaces Award: HTO, Toronto, ON, CANADA


Urban Plazas: Courthouse Square, Toronto, ON, CANADA
Nature Spaces: Riverfront Commemorative Park Plazas, Corvallis, OR

2008 Design Awards

Mixed-Use Design Award: Master Plan for Lakeside, Chicago

Mixed-Use Design Commendations:

Eastlake 2851 on Lake Union
Woodinville Village
Stadtcarré, Bad Rappenau, Germany

2007 Design Awards

Mixed-Use Design Award: Livermore Village, CA

Mixed-Use Design Commendations:

The City of Miramar, FL
Addison Circle, Addison, TX
Innovista Master Plan, Columbia, SC
Park Boulevard, Chicago, IL
Bagley Lofts
Gateway on 4th
West Side Strategic Plan, Baltimore, MD
Locust Lofts