Lamine Mahdjoubi, Ph.D.

Area of expertise:

Professor Lamine Mahdjoubi is a Professor of the Built Environment.  He is an Architect and urban designer.  He holds a Master of Philosophy in Urban Planning Design and a PhD in Architecture from the University of Newcastle upon Tyne, UK.  

He has advocated innovative approaches to counteracting children's sedentary lifestyles by creating outdoor environments that support and nurture outdoor play and physical activity (PA).  This evidence-based approach had a significant impact on play strategies, outdoor play provision in schools, as well as education and public debate.  He has been interviewed by local, regional and national media about his work on planning and designing for healthy outdoor play.

He has developed new methodologies using valid and reliable instruments for measuring children's preferences and interaction with outdoor features of the environment.   Some of these methods were tested in research involving the measurement of children interaction with outdoor features of their school environments.  It entailed exposing children to various sensory cues, consisting of photo-safari, speech frequency and Global Positioning System (GPS).  The development and validation of these methods has been the result of a series of doctoral studies, and externally funded research projects, supported by Research council, local authorities, agencies and charities.

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