#64 Children and Youth Participate in Planning

Number of papers - 5, including:

It Takes A Child to Walk a Village: Youth Partners for Safe Routes to School
Candance Lee Kokinakis Ph.D., Senior Director, Safe Routes to School, Michigan
Physical Fitness, Health, and Sports Foundation, Lansing, MI

Engaging San Diego Youth to Assess Neighborhoods and Advocate for Policy/environmental Change
Cheryl Moder, Director, San Diego County Childhood Obesity Initiative, San
Diego, CA

Investing in Youth Health through the Built Environment
Patricia Manuel, Professor, School of Planning, Dalhousie University, Halifax, NS, CANADA

Reimagining Urban Form & Educational Reform
Kathleen Galvin, AIA, CNU-A, Galvin Architects, Charlottesville, VA

Youth Independent Mobility and Access to Public Space
Meghan Cope, Assoc. Professor, Dept of Geography, University of Vermont,
Burlington, VT

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