#107 Public Places for Sustainable Health

Number of presentations - 8, including:

Public Places and Public Health, (Slides)
Richard J. Jackson, Los Angeles, CA

Health and Urban Policies: Multiple Threads to Interconnect City and Health, (Paper & Slides) 
Marco Akerman, São Paulo, Brazil

Interactions Between Public Health and Toronto’s Urban Fabric, (Paper & Slides)
Leila M. Farah & Florian Mayer, Toronto, Canada

Public Transit and Equity: Examining the Link between Physical and Economic Mobility, (Paper & Slides)
Ann Carpenter, Atlanta, GA

Creating Health and Community in Australia’s Most High-density Brownfield Development, (Slides)
Ben Harris-Roxas, Sydney, Australia

Healthy Communities, Healthy Economies, (Paper & Slides)
Leah Kemp, Starkville, MS

Creating Healthy and Equitable TOD in Albuquerque, NM, (Paper & Slides)
Michaele Pride, Albuquerque, NM

Children’s mobility and playability: planning with children equitable spaces, (Paper & Slides) 
Enery López-Navarrete,
Norma I. Peña Rivera, PUERTO RICO 

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