#100 Healthy Environments

Number of presentations – 12, including:

Urban Development and Health: How the Microenvironmental Niche Increases Cancer Risk(Slides)
Mariano Bizzarri, Rome, ITALY

Urban Design through Neuroergomics(Slides)
Stefano Serafini, Rome, ITALY

Brownfield Redevelopment and Health Impact Assessment: A Model for Success(Paper and Slides)
Bridget Kerner, Washington DC, USA

Strategies for Addressing Childhood Lead Poisoning(Paper and Slides)
Vincent Coluccio, Red Hook, NY, USA

The LED Outdoor Lighting Revolution: Opportunities, Threats and Mitigation for Urban and Rural Citizens(Paper and Slides)
Martin Aube, Sherbrooke, ON, CANADA

How Municipal Government Overcame Its Own Bureaucracy to Leverage Relationships and Promote Healthy Communities(Paper and Slides)
Peter A. Gorski, Miami, FL, USA 

Healthy Canada by Design: Lessons Learned from Bringing Health Considerations into Land Use and Transportation Processes, (Paper and Slides)

David L. Mowat, Toronto, ON, CANADA

Urban Policy Innovation for Urban Health Equity(Slides)
Alejandra Gonzalez Rosetti, Barcelona, SPAIN

Active Transport for Healthy and Livable Cities!(Paper and Slides)
Sandra Wegener, Vienna, AUSTRIA

Step Ahead for Health and Sustainable Urban Transport(Paper and Slides) 
Wiebke Unbehaun, Vienna, AUSTRIA

Creating Healthier Generations Through Safe Routes to School in the U.S. Great Lakes Region(Paper and Slides)
Wayne Robert Beyea, East Lansing, MI, USA

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