Making Cities Livable - Table of Contents

PART ONE - The Livable City

The Future of the City
Mayor Bob Cools, Antwerp, Belgium

The City as a Family
Mayor Dietmar Hahlweg, Erlangen, Germany

Seven Aims for the Livable City
Edoardo Salzano,Venice, Italy

The Nature of Livability
Mayor Antonio Casellati,Venice, Italy

Themes of the Freiburg Conference
Mayor Rolf Böhme, Freiburg, Germany

PART TWO - Essential Elements

Public Space

Designing the Heart of a New Urban Neighborhood 
Suzanne H. Crowhurst Lennard, Carmel,CA, USA

What Can We Learn from Historical Marketplaces
Klaus Andrä, Berlin, Germany

Climatic Factors and Public Space
Norman Pressman, Waterloo, Canada

Planning Out Crime in Britain
Derek Senior,Leeds, UK

Public Art, Public Space & Regeneration
Marion Roberts & Bill Erickson, London, UK

Public Realm

The Public Realm & the Good City
Henry L. Lennard, Carmel, CA, USA

Can Urbanity Be Planned?
Gertrudis Peters, Berlin, Germany

Virtual Reality or the Concrete, Real City
Gabriele Steffen, Tübingen, Germany

Children in the City

Children & Their Needs
Arno Gruen, Zurich, Switzerland

The Good City for Children
Henry L. Lennard, Carmel, CA, USA

How to Provide Good Cities for Children & Youth
Peter Novak, Ulm, Germany

Community Participation

Visions and Beyond
Gianni Longo, New York, NY, USA

Putting People Into Planning
John Thompson, London, UK

Mixed Use

The "Shop/House" - Building Block of a Healthy City
Suzanne H. Crowhurst Lennard, Carmel, CA, USA

Village in the City
Donald MacDonald, San Francisco,USA

City Identity

City Identity in New Urban Neighborhoods
Suzanne H. Crowhurst Lennard, Carmel, CA, USA

Identity, Urban Design in the City State
Ernie Scoffham, Nottingham, UK

Marketing Local Identity
Bill Erickson & Marion Roberts, London, UK


Ecological Principles for New Urban Areas
Mayor Dietmar Hahlweg, Erlangen, Germany

Balanced Transportation System

Integrated Transportation Planning, Strasbourg, France
Roland Ries, Strasbourg, France

Urban Lifestyle & Transportation Policy
Helmut Holzapfel, Sachsen-Anhalt, Germany

Venice - A Model of a Car-Free City
Egon Grund, Karlsruhe, Germany

Towards a Pedestrian Friendly Manhattan
Rolf Monheim, Bayreuth, Germany

High Quality Architecture for Urban Public Transportation
Jürgen Rauch, Munich, Germany

PART THREE- New Urban Neighborhoods: Work in Progress


Ten Guidelines for the Planning & Development of a New Urban Neighborhood
Sven von Ungern-Sternberg, Freiburg, Germany

New Uses of Former Military Areas
Walter Kilian, Stuttgart, Germany

The Greenfield-Brownfield Debate
Zenia Kotval, East Lansing, MI, USA

New Urban Neighborhoods: Case Studies

Sven von Ungern-Sternberg, Freiburg, Germany

Carpi and Imola
Edoardo Salzano, Venice, Italy

Antwerp Revives its Urban Neighborhoods
Mayor Bob Cools, Antwerp, Belgium

Planning for a University Urban Village Near Aberdeen, Scotland
John Thompson, London, UK

Former Military Sites: Case Studies

Converting a Military Facility to an Urban Townscape
Andreas Feldtkeller, Tübingen, Germany

Conversion of Previous Military Sites: Kassel
Folkert Lüken-Isberner, Kassel, Germany

Lee Barracks in Mainz-Gonsenheim
Herbert Fessenmayr, Mainz, Germany

Former Industrial Areas: Case Studies

Residential Development on Kästrich, Mainz
Herbert Fessenmayr, Mainz, Germany

The Search for Neighborhood in Ultimo-Pyrmont, Sydney
Peter Webber, Sydney, Australia

Housing Areas: Case Studies

Ecological Principles for Mass Housing
Renata Mikielewicz, Lódz, Poland

Waterfront Areas: Case Studies

A Comprehensive Land Use Plan for San Francisco's Water-front
Eva Liebermann, San Francisco, CA, USA

Seaway Transportation in the Istanbul Metropolitan Area
Tülay Kilinçaslan, Istanbul, Turkey

PART FOUR - Recommendations

The Freiburg Statement on New Urban Neighborhoods

"In the diversity of subjects covered, the excellence of contributors, and their wide range of background and experience,


Prof. Patrick J. Quinn, Former President,
Assoc. of Collegiate Schools of Architecture


"The publication of the Freiburg IMCL Conference Proceedings is an important event.

MAKING CITIES LIVABLE should be read by every city official, architect and planner."

Mayor Dietmar Hahlweg, City of Erlangen, Germany.