Lectures and Talks

Drawing on over 30 years of research and photographic documentation of city livability in hundreds of cities, Dr. Crowhurst Lennard is available to give keynote presentations and talks on the following topics related to making cities healthy and livable:

True Urbanism: Principles for Healthy, Livable Cities

  • The essence of the city
  • The public realm
  • Squares and marketplaces
  • Outdoor cafes, farmers markets, community festivals
  • Appropriate human scale architecture
  • Mixed-use shop/houses
  • Compact urban fabric
  • City of short distances
  • Balanced transportation planning
  • Pedestrian networks
  • Bicycle networks
  • Traffic calmed streets
  • Public transportation networks
  • Regional planning
  • The DNA of the city
  • The city as a work of art
  • Public art
  • Children and young people

Child-Friendly Communities

  • Guidelines for Child-Friendly Neighborhoods and Cities
  • How nature affects children's physical and mental health
  • Child development and the built environment
  • Children's health and environmental design
  • Increasing accessibility and autonomy
  • Making the built environment legible
  • Making cities socially and physically safe
  • Children's needs for play and exercise in nature, study of, and caring for nature
  • How participation in community social life affects children
  • Environmental solutions for building child-inclusive communities
  • How the built environment affects children's knowledge, and appreciation of their world
  • Stimulating curiosity, creativity through the design of the built environment

Designing Successful Urban Plazas

  • The square as a catalyst for community engagement
  • The public realm, social life and community
  • Generating civic engagement
  • Public space design for social life and community
  • Genius of the European square
  • Learning from Europe's best squares.
  • Ten principles for designing successful urban places.
  • Essential features of successful squares
  • The square as a market place
  • The multi-functional square
  • Mixed use and diversity
  • Community functions of the public realm
  • The square as a social learning environment
  • The square as a representation of the city’s unique identity
  • Traffic and transportation policies
  • Squares, parks and squarks

Social and Health Impacts of the Built Environment

  • Physical health and the built environment
  • Social life, heath and the built environment
  • The social immune system
  • Role of community in reducing social problems
  • Reducing obesity, diabetes, etc through environmental design
  • Urban design factors in generating community
  • Impact of the built environment on shyness, social anxiety syndrome
  • How the built environment can reduce social isolation
  • Special environmental needs of elders and children
  • How environmental factors impact depression, bullying
  • Creating a complete intergenerational community - A Lifetime Community
  • Healthy built urban fabric
  • The role of public space design in health and social health

To invite Dr. Crowhurst Lennard to speak, please contact her directly at Suzanne.Lennard@LivableCities.org.