Invited Speakers

Maxim Atayants. Architect, St. Petersburg, RUSSIA. Designing New 10-Minute Neighborhoods in Russia

Mayor Jim Brainard, Carmel, IN. Member of President Obama's Climate Task Force. Climate Change and Urban Design

Mayor Ada Colau, Barcelona, SPAIN. Achieving Healthy, Equitable Neighborhoods with the Superblock Program

Mayor Manuela Carmena, City of Madrid, SPAIN. Former human rights lawyer and Supreme Court Judge. Making Madrid more Healthy, Just, and Equitable
George Ferguson, CBE, PPRIBA, RWA. Former Mayor of Bristol, UK, Architect. Welcome. Urban Villages
Richard J. Jackson, MD, MPH. Professor, Dept. of Environmental Sciences, University of California Los Angeles, Los Angeles, CA. Healthy Neighborhoods 

Philip Langdon, Editor, New Urban News, freelance journalist. Author: Within Walking Distance: Creating Livable Communities for All. Within Walking Distance

Ofer Manor, Chief Architect, Municipality of Jerusalem. Founding Director of the Jerusalem Urban Design Center. Loeb Fellow. The design of Jerusalem’s Light Rail Corridor

Ettore Maria Mazzola, Architect & Urbanist, Professor, University of Notre Dame, Rome, ITALY. Designing a Healthy Neighborhood 

Jason F. McClennan, CEO, International Living Future Institute, designer, consultant, and environmentalist. Author, The Philosophy of Sustainable Design. Density and Sustainability – A Radical Perspective

Salvador Rueda, Office of Urban Ecology, Barcelona, SPAIN.  Neighborhood Traffic Calming: The Barcelona Superblocks
Sven von Ungern-Sternberg, Dr., Former Mayor of Freiburg, and Governor for the State of South Baden, Freiburg, GERMANY. Freiburg’s Sustainable 10-Minute Neighborhoods, Rieselfeld and Vauban.
Mayor Jim Watson, City of Ottawa. Welcome