Conference Photos

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Dear friends:

Here are some photos taken during the Rome Conference that I hope you will enjoy, and will bring back good memories. The photos were taken by Tina Lee, Frank Pendrell, Leandro Peredo, Stephanie Brokenshire, Aiden ffrench, Max Troyer, Michael Mehaffy, Suzanne Lennard, and IMCL staff.

Please contact us if you have photos you would like to share!

Photo Credits

Venue - Frank Pendrell, Tina Lee, Max Troyer, IMCL
Registration - Tina Lee, IMCL
Welcome Reception - Tina Lee, IMCL
Sessions - Frank Pendrell, Tina Lee, IMCL
Coffee Breaks and Luncheon - Tina Lee, Frank Pendrell
Papal Audience - Michael Mehaffy, Max Troyer, Tina Lee
Discussion Dinner & Awards Ceremony - Aiden ffrench, Tina Lee, IMCL
Workshop - Suzanne Lennard