“2015 will be Bristol’s year, and what really excites me now as I look to the years ahead is the opportunity to channel so much energy, so much enthusiasm, so much belief, behind our shared vision to justify our position as England’s greenest, most innovative and most vibrant city”
George Ferguson, 
Mayor of Bristol

In 2015, Bristol will be the European Green Capital – the first UK city to win this prestigious award. The honor was awarded not just on the basis of plans for the future, but because of the city-wide efforts Bristol people and businesses have already made towards creating Britain’s most liveable city.

Bristol is the UK’s greenest city, with excellent air quality. The city plans to reduce CO2 emissions by 80 % by 2050, through parking restrictions, 20mph speed limits city wide, improvements to public transport with a rapid transit network, and by promoting walking and cycling.  The number of cyclists has doubled in recent years, and Bristol is committed to doubling this number again by 2020 by creating new cycle routes.

The health benefits of active travel are strongly promoted. The city has made improvements to the public realm, enhancing legibility through signs and public art.

Roads have been closed and removed to create civic recreational spaces, allowing street parties and children’s play in the streets. Bristol now has more street parties than any other UK city, and there is excellent access to public green areas: 88% of residents are within 300m of a green space.

Bristol has successfully improved whole neighbourhoods, and renovated urban land, including The Harbourside Project, which regenerated 26 hectares of contaminated city centre land, maintaining traditional boat yards and recreational uses, while building new high density apartments, shops, offices, bars, leisure facilities and an enhanced city museum around new green open spaces. An established ‘Green Belt’ limits urban sprawl. Through land use and mobility planning, Bristol is creating a city of sustainable, resilient and adaptable communities. Bristol has great potential to act as a role model for UK, Europe and the world.


Photo credits: Destination Bristol