4th Conference in Charleston

4th International Conference on


Dock Street Theater
Charleston, South Carolina
March 8 - 12, 1988

Mayor Joe RileyTwenty years ago, people were debating whether or not our cities would die. Would they have a future? Would people live in them and use them? We have learned in the ensuing years that our cites will live, and that they are needed. The greater question now is what kind of cities are we building? Are we making them livable, of human scale, physically attractive, emotionally and spiritually stimulating? Or are we creating cities unworthy of great civilizations and with no lasting value? To consider these questions is an important task for us all.

I am very pleased to announce that the 4th International Making Cities Livable Conference will take place in Charleston on March 8-12, 1988. Here, together, we will be discussing the future of our cities and how we can make them places of lasting value for the people who live in and use them. This meeting will be jointly sponsored by the City of Charleston and the Center for Urban Well-Being. An outstanding program of speakers from Europe and the United States has been assembled. Charleston not only will serve as the site and the backdrop for the meeting but, in part, will be a teaching and study tool for the participants.

This beautiful city is at its best this time of year. You will have an opportunity to tour our historic houses and neighborhoods, gardens and plantations, and work with some of the leading urban planners and thinkers in the United States and Europe. We will be discussing a wide range of important issues from low-income housing and historic preservation to public markets and tourism management.

We in Charleston are very excited about this conference, because it will give us an opportunity to share ideas that have proved successful in this city, and to learn from you about how we can improve the beauty and livability of our community. I look forward to having you in Charleston, March 8-12, 1988.

Joseph P. Riley, Jr.
Mayor, City of Charleston

Plenary and Panel Sessions


Special Events

  • Reception - Gibbes Art Gallery
  • Harbor Cruise Buffet
  • Receptions at the Edmonston-Alston House, Roper House, and Nathaniel Russell House.

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