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(subject to change):

Sunday, May 20

1.00 - 6.00 Registration
Exhibit program:
Successful Designs for Healthy Inclusive Communities
Afternoon Walking Tours of Portland
Evening Welcome Reception

Monday, May 21

Morning Welcome
Designing Healthy Communities
Healthy Communities through True Urbanism
Planning Healthy Inclusive Communities in Germany
Lunch Conference Luncheon
Afternoon Concurrent Sessions:
Planning for Active Living
Transit-Oriented & Mobility-Oriented Development
Transit-Oriented Planning
Public Health & Planning Departments Colloborate
Healthy City Planning & Growth Management
Reducing Neighborhood Health Disparities
Integrating Public Health/Planning Curricula: UK, Australia, USA
Housing Issues
Community Collaboration in Transportation Planning
Community-Led Urban Revitalization

Tuesday, May 22

Morning International Design Awards Program
Restoring Ecuador's Historic Plazas for Social Integration
Urban Regeneration of a Suburban District: Corviale, Rome
Health Impact Assessment
Health, Social Connectedness, & the Built Environment
Design for the Human Experience
Afternoon Concurrent Sessions:
Traditional Town Planning
Sustainable Communities Need to be Inclusive Communities
The Walkable City: Barriers & Achievements
Complete Streets, Green Streets
Workshop: Design Principles for Walkable Streets
Health Impact Assessment Case Studies
Tools for Healthy Planning
Health-Campus Planning for Livability
New Town Planning for Health & Diversity
Healthy Planning for Commercial Districts
Climate Change & Sustainability: How Do We Move Forward?
The Role of Public Space for Inclusive Neighborhoods
Social Functions of Public Space: International Perspectives
Public Space & Social Interaction
Evening Discussion Dinner & Awards Ceremony

Wednesday, May 23

Morning America's Second Language: Framing for Social Change
Community Development for Elder-Friendly Communities
Child-Friendly Communities
Portland: Successes, Failures, and Goals for Inclusive Communities
Afternoon Concurrent Sessions:
Learning from Portland: Parks
Learning from Portland: Green Streets & Roofs
Child & Youth Advocates for Healthy Communities
Parks & Trails, Public Art & Children
Protecting the Creative Sources of Urban Revitalization
Combatting Food Deserts: Problems & Solutions
Mitigating Effects of Urban Noise
Effects of Environmental Settings on Measures of Holistic Health
Rebuilding Inclusive Healthy Communities
Achieving Access to Mixed Use

Thursday, May 24

Morning Plenary Session Workshop:
Working Together to Achieve Healthy, Inclusive Communities
Final Wrap-Up
Afternoon Tours of Portland's 20 Minute Neighborhood Hubs