Presentation Topics

Portland Rose GardenPresentation sessions include: (partial list)

  • Healthy Inclusive Communities
    A healthy city for all. Sustainable communities need to be inclusive communities. Designing child-friendly communities. Community development for elder-friendly communities. Integrated neighborhoods: Housing for all. Protecting creative sources of urban revitalization. Planning inclusive communities in Germany.
  • Healthy Cities
    Designing healthy communities. Transit-oriented development (TOD) and Mobility-oriented district (MOD). Growth management. Planning for health & well-being. Healthy planning for commercial districts. Case study of a master planned community designed for health & well-being. New town planning for health & diversity: Case studies. Goals for Portland.
  • Healthy Neighborhoods
    Health-campus planning: Aiming for livability. Back from the brink: Healthy visions for blighted neighborhoods. Ensuring access to a mix of uses for sustainable communities. Traditional town planning. Urban Regeneration of suburban district of Corviale, Rome.
  • Integrating Public Health & Planning Methods
    Public health & planning: framing the public debate. Health & Planning departments collaborate. University curricula combine Health and Planning. Health Impact Assessment. HIA Case studies. Tools for healthy planning.
  • Public Places for Social Life & Civic Engagement
    Role of Public Space for Inclusive Communities. Social functions of public space: International perspectives. Restoring Ecuador’s Historic Plazas for Social Integration
  • Community Participation
    Community-led urban revitalization. Healthy transportation planning with the community. Children & youth advocates for healthy communities. Civic engagement for environmental justice in a low income neighborhood.
  • Nature in the urban environment
    Parks, trails, public art & children.  Portland’s new parks.  The people/nature approach to park system planning. Eco-roofs in Portland.
  • Healthy Transportation Planning
    Complete Streets & Green Streets. Achieving the walkable city: barriers & achievements. High speed rail in Oregon.
  • Healthy Food Accessibility
    Combating food deserts: problems & solutions. Urban agriculture.
  • Regional planning for healthy cities
    Regional growth management in Greater Toronto
  • Sustainability
    Sustainable communities. Climate change & sustainability: Responsibilities of authorities & individuals. How resilient is high rise housing?