Special Portland Program

Pearl District mixed-useCourtyard housing & shared streets. Human scale multifamily housing housing. Infill urban housing.
Results of design competition. Integrating diversity and income.

Sustainable Portland
New achievements in urban transit. Improving the bicycle network - "Green Boxes" & bike parking. Increasing walkability. Principles of compact mixed use and transportation planning. Green building & housing. Increasing mixed use loft living in the Pearl District.

Portland's regional planning strategy
Regional planning politics. Democracy, planning & livability at the regional scale. Integrating land use and transportation planning. Developing compact, human scale mixed-use at transit nodes. Facilitating commuting by transit. Social demography of urban revitalization. Complete Communities.

Walking tours
Getting around the city by bike, light rail, streetcar, bus and tram. Portland, city of parks & public art. The "Green" mixed-use Pearl District. Historic Waterfront District. Sustainable buildings & parks.

The Pearl District


  • New & restored urban plazas
  • New & restored urban nature spaces
  • Network of new/restored urban nature spaces