Invited Speakers and Presenters

Robert Adam, RIBA

Traditional and Classical architect/urban designer, Winchester & London. Major projects: New villages at Shepton Mallet & Midsomer Norton for Duchy of Cornwall; New town center, Rocester, Staffs; Humanities Library Oxford University; New Library Ashmoleum Museum Oxford. Founder: Popular Housing Forum. The Architect as Activist.

George Ferguson, RWA, FRIBA

Chairman, Acanthus Ferguson Mann Architects, Bristol. President, Royal Institute of British Architects. Received many awards from the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors (Restoration), RIBA and the Civic Trust. Projects include master plans for urban renaissance (Canons Marsh Bristol, Bristol Harbourside), public squares, mixed use, conservation, etc. Regional Architecture in the UK.

Dietmar Hahlweg

Oberbürgermeister (Lord Mayor) of Erlangen, Germany for 20 years. Received national recognition for his advocacy of the bicycle as a mode of transportation. He increased the number of trips by bicycle to over 30% during his term in office. Also initiated an ecological policy of “greening" Erlangen through an innovative program of assistance to citizens. “City of Vision" Awardee. Sustainable Cities – for instance Erlangen.

Henry L. Lennard, Ph.D.

Formerly Professor of Sociology and Psychiatry, University of California medical School, San Francisco. Founded the Family Study Station and the Center for the Study of Drugs and Social Behavior at UC Medical Center. His work has made explicit the connection between urban design, patterns of social life, and social pathology. Author: Anatomy of Psychotherapy. Mystification and Drug Misuse. Ethics in Health Care. The Psychiatric Hospital. Co-author: Livable Cities Observed. The Forgotten Child. Co-editor: The Wisdom of Cities (forthcoming). The Public Realm as Teacher. The Built Environment & the Healthy City.

Donald MacDonald, FAIA

Architect, San Francisco, acclaimed by Pulitzer Prize winning architectural critic Alan Temko “The best architect in America." Foremost Californian architect specializing in mixed use, as well as special commitment to affordable and low income housing. Author: Democratic Architecture, a book that explains his personal philosophy and values as an architect and citizen. New Mixed Use Projects.

Edoardo Salzano

Dean, first School of Urban Planning in Italy, University of Venice; former Deputy Mayor for Urban Affairs, Venice; formerly member of Italian arliament; Councilmember of Venice & the Veneto Region. President, Istituto Nazionale di Urbanistica, Rome. Author: Urbanistica e società opulenta, L’Italia a sacco, La Città sostenibile; and a successful text book of urban planning, Fondamenti di urbanistica. Editor: Atlas of Venice. Together with Mayor Antonio Casellati Professor Salzano hosted the 1st International Making Cities Livable Conference in Venice in 1985.The Piazza & the City.

Theodore R. Sarbin, Ph.D.

Prof. em. Psychology and Criminology, University of California, Berkeley & Santa Cruz. One of America’s most eminent psychologists. Developed field of Narrative Psychology. Consultant to Government departments. Author: Constructing the Social, Narrative Psychology, The Poetics of Identity. The Poetic Construction of Reality. If These Walls Could Speak…

John Simpson, RIBA

Architect, London. Major projects: The Queen’s Gallery Buckingham Palace; Gonville & Caius College Cambridge renovations; Masterplan for Paternoster Square (not realized); Chelsea Old Church Vicarage & Church Hall; Ashfold House, Sussex. Recent Works.

Gabriele Tagliaventi

Professor, Laboratorio di Architettura Tecnica, Dept. of Engineering, University of Ferrara, ITALY. Director, A Vision of Europe. Urban renaissance on a traditional model: Città Nuova, Alessandria (with Leon Krier). Author: Idee per la città, Città Giardino – Garden Cities, Rifondazione della Città. Strategies of Urban Renaissance: the Mixed-Use Neighborhood.

Sven Von Ungern-Sternberg

Regierungspräsident (Governor) of the State of Süd-Baden, Germany. Formerly Erster Bürgermeister und Baudezernent, (Deputy Mayor for Planning), Freiburg responsible for development of two ecological new neighborhoods with urban identity. Pioneer in regional planning. Helped develop a transportation policy for Freiburg that integrates different transportation modes – train, bus, streetcar, bicycle. Honored nationally and internationally for transportation planning. Co-Author: Making Cities Livable. Hosted the 17th IMCL Conference in Freiburg in 1995. Member of the IMCL Advisory Board, and Co-Chairman, Program Committee since 1994. Regional Identity & Regional Planning


Additional Speakers, Presenters & Exhibitors

  • John Appleton, Councillor, District of Pitt Meadows, BC, CANADA.
  • Irène Bénard, Maire adjoint délégué à la culture et au patrimoine, City of Narbonne, FRANCE.
  • Michel Bernard, conseiller Municipal, City of Montpellier, FRANCE
  • Gilda Berruti, Department of Urbanism, Università Federico II, Naples, ITALY.
  • Ramanbir Bhatia, Urban Planner, HNTB Corporation, Columbia, MD, USA.
  • Andreas Bohmeyer, City Manager, City of Landshut, GERMANY.
  • Frederick Bonci, President, La Quatra Bonci Associates, Pittsburgh, PA, USA.
  • Michal Borowski, City of Warsaw, POLAND.
  • Adriana Poli Bortone, Prof. Dr., Mayor, City of Lecce, ITALY.
  • Mack R. Cain, Director of Landscape Architecture, Jordon Jones & Goulding, Norcross, GA, USA.
  • Rey-chi Chen, Section Chief, Bureau of Health Promotion, Dept. of Health, Taiwan, REPUBLIC OF CHINA.
  • Pilar Cengotita, Strategic Planning Officer, City of Vitoria-Gasteiz, SPAIN.
  • Michele Chiuini, Associate Professor & Interim Chair, Department of Architecture, Ball State University, Muncie, IN,  USA.
  • Alena Cottova, City of Jihlava, CZECH REPUBLIC.
  • Norman Crowe, Professor, School of Architecture, University of Notre Dame, Notre Dame, IN  USA.
  • Suzanne H. Crowhurst Lennard Ph.D.(Arch.), Director, IMCL Conferences, Carmel, CA, USA.
  • Covadonga Lorenzo Cueva, Architectural Theory & Art Dept., ETSAUN Navarrese University, SPAIN.
  • Spencer DeGrey, Partner, Foster & Partners, London, UK.
  • Josef Deimer, Mayor, City of Landshut, GERMANY.
  • Dariusz Dziubinski, Dr. inz. Arch., Faculty of Architecture, Wrocław University of Technology, Wrocław,  POLAND.
  • Richard Economakis, Professor, School of Architecture, University of Notre Dame, Notre Dame, IN, USA.
  • Nicola Elia, Architect, Territorial & Strategic Planning, City of Lecce, ITALY.
  • Ulrike Faber-Salmeier, City of Landshut, GERMANY.
  • Giancarlo Ferulano, Arch., il Dirigente, Servizio Valarizzazione delle Città Storica, City of Naples, ITALY.
  • David Forstenlechner, Mayor, City of Steyr, AUSTRIA.
  • Judy Forster, Mayor, City of White Rock, BC, CANADA.
  • Hugh Freeman, MD, Professor Em. of Psychiatry, Former Editor, British Journal of Psychiatry, London, UK.
  • Peter A. Gabor, Architect, Toronto,  ON,  CANADA.
  • Szécsi Gábor, Dr., Mayor, City of Kecskemet, HUNGARY.
  • Tomasz Gamdzyk, Architects Office, City of Warsaw, POLAND.
  • Bob Giddings, Dr., Sustainable Cities Research Institute, University of Northumbria, Newcastle upon Tyne, ENGLAND, UK.
  • David R. Godschalk FAICP, Stephen Baxter Professor, Dept. of City & Regional Planning, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, NC, USA.
  • Maria Gogala, Urban Studies, University of Neuchâtel, SWITZERLAND.
  • Ivan M. Golovnykh, Ph.D., Professor, Rector of ISTU, Irkutsk State Technical University, Irkutsk, RUSSIA.
  • Maria Gomierato, Mayor, City of Castelfranco – Veneto, ITALY.
  • Oleg Grgurevic, Professor, Faculty of Architecture, University of Zagreb, CROATIA.
  • Bertrand Guidon, Head, Research & Communication, Direction de l’Urbanisme, City of Rennes, FRANCE.
  • Matthew Hardy, Research Fellow/Secretary, INTBAU, c/o The Prince’s Foundation, London, UK.
  • Sue Ann Pemberton Haugh AIA, Assistant Professor, School of Architecture, The University of Texas at San Antonio, San Antonio, TX, USA.
  • Maciej Hawrylak, arch. Ph.D., Asst. Professor, Urban Design Dept., Socrates-Erasmus Faculty Coordinator, Wrocław University of Tech., Wrocław, POLAND.
  • Edmond Hervé, Mayor, City of Rennes, FRANCE.
  • Margarita M. Hill, Assoc. Professor, Dept. of Nat. Resource Sciences & Landscape Arch., University of Maryland, College Park, MD.
  • Anna Hostičková, ing. Arch., City of Plzen, CZECH REPUBLIC.
  • František Hrdý, Head of the Care of Historical Monuments Department, City of České Budejovice, CZECH REPUBLIC.
  • E. H. M. Iping, Alderman for the Inner City, City of Amsterdam, NETHERLANDS.
  • Richard J. Jackson, MD, MPH, State Public Health Officer, California Department of Health Services, Sacramento, CA, USA.
  • Chris Jarrett, Assoc. Director, Assoc. Professor, Arch. Program, Georgia Inst. of Technology, Atlanta,  GA  USA.
  • Bob Jean, City Manager, City of University Place, WA, USA.
  • Ferdinand S. Johns, NCARB, AIA, Professor, School of Architecture, Montana State University, Bozeman,  MT, USA.
  • Irena Latek, Associate Professor, École d’architecture, Université de Montréal, Montreal, QC, CANADA.
  • Mustafa Letaim Ph.D., MscArch., Professor, Dept. of Architecture & Urban Planning, Faculty of Engineering, Al-Fateh University, LIBYA.
  • Alex Lifschutz, Director, Lifschutz & Davidson, London, UK. The Responsive City.
  • Nenad Lipovac Ph.D., Associate Professor, Faculty of Architecture, University of Zagreb, CROATIA.
  • Jason Lockhart, Asst. Professor, Southern University School of Arch., Baton Rouge, LA, USA.
  • Michael Lykoudis, Professor, Chair, School of Architecture, University of Notre Dame, Notre Dame, IN  USA.
  • Friederike Mach, Vice Mayor, City of Steyr, AUSTRIA. 
  • Tom Martineau, Professor, Architecture Dept., Florida A&M Univ., Tallahassee, FL, USA.
  • Ettore Maria Mazzola, Architect, Rome, ITALY.
  • Alex Mikhailov Ph.D., Assistant Professor, Urbanism & Transportation Science, Irkutsk State Technical University, Irkutsk,  RUSSIA.
  • Susan Moeller, Redevelopment Manager, City of Redwood City, CA, USA.
  • Rocharda Moore Morris, Exec. Dir., Dept. of Plan. & Devel., City of Hammond, IN  USA.
  • Jerzy Muzyk, Chief Architect, City of Krakow, POLAND.
  • Anton Obrist, City of Steyr, AUSTRIA.
  • Rocco Papa, Prof. ing., Vice Mayor, City of Naples, ITALY.
  • Susan Parham, Principal, CAG Consultants, London, UK.
  • Iva Pavlinová, External Affairs, City of Nový Jičín, CZECH REPUBLIC.
  • Wolf Pearlman, Professor, Faculty of Architecture, TECHNION – Israel Institute of Technology, Haifa, ISRAEL.
  • Jeffery Poss, Urbana, IL, USA.
  • Clayton Preston AIA, AICP, Village Habitat Design, Atlanta, GA, USA.
  • Steve Quevedo, Asst. Professor, School of Arch., Univ. of Texas at Arlington, TX, USA.
  • Kyle Rae, City Councillor, City of Toronto, ON, CANADA.
  • Jürgen Rauch, Dr. Ing.-Arch., Architect, Munich, GERMANY.
  • Timothy Richards, Architectural Model Maker, London, UK.
  • Rob Robinson, Managing Principal, Urban Design Associates, Pittsburgh, PA, USA.
  • Miroslawa Romaniszyn, Art Conservator, City of Torun, POLAND.
  • Andrzej Szmak, Director, Information & Promotion, City of Torun, POLAND.
  • Sam Senn, Dept. of Planning & Devel., City of Hammond, IN, USA.
  • Thomas Aujero Small, Writer, Strength Function Delight, Santa Monica, CA  USA.
  • Ron Soskolne, President, Soskolne Associates, Toronto, ON, CANADA.
  • Alexandra Steed, Senior Urban Designer, Llewelyn Davies, London, UK.
  • Farouk Stemmet, Dr., Director, Living Cities Consultancy Ltd., Leeds, UK.
  • Helmut Stix, Mayor for Cultural Affairs, City of Landshut, GERMANY.
  • Steve Sugg, PE, Assistant City Manager, City of University Place, WA, USA.
  • Andrzej Szmak, Director, Information & Promotion, City of Torun, POLAND.
  • Robert Swenson, Architect & Assistant Professor, Department of Architecture & Interior Design, Southern Illinois University, Carbondale, IL, USA.
  • Gerhard Tausche, Director of City Archives, City of Landshut, GERMANY.
  • Michael Trocmé, Associate, Urban Strategies, Toronto, ON   CANADA.
  • Sven Von Ungern-Sternberg, Dr., Regierungspräsident, State of Süd Baden, Freiburg, GERMANY.
  • Radek Václavik, MSc., Director of Strategy & Development, City of Pardubice, CZECH REPUBLIC.
  • Lewis N. Villegas MCIP, Vancouver, BC, CANADA.
  • Sandra Vitzthum, Architect LLC, Montpelier, VT, USA.
  • Eliška Výborná, Care of Historical Monuments Department, City of České Budejovice, CZECH REPUBLIC.
  • Vratislav Vyborný, Lord Mayor, City of Jihlava, CZECH REPUBLIC.
  • Karl Walsh, Director, Community Design, Parks Planning & Development, City of Brampton, ON,  CANADA.
  • Peter Webber, Professor of Urban Design & Plan., Univ. of Sydney, AUSTRALIA.
  • Gary Wheeler, Town Center Project Manager, City of University Place, WA, USA.
  • Samir Younes, Professor, Associate Professor, Director of Rome Studies, School of Architecture, University of Notre Dame Rome Center, Rome, ITALY.
  • Maureen Zell, Asst. Professor of Architecture, Northeastern Univ., Boston, MA  USA.