#65 Planning and Urban Design Challenges

Planning and Urban Design Challenges

Number of papers - 6, including:

The Slum: Coming to a Suburb Near You?
Tom Martineau, RA, NCARB, LEED AP, President, Productivity House, Inc.
Professor Emeritus of Architecture, Florida A & M University, Tallahassee, FL

Waterfront Development in a Small Town Hurricane-prone Louisiana
Thomas C. Sammons, Professor, Director, Community Design Workshop, School of Architecture & Design,
University of Louisiana at Lafayette, LA


#10 Recreating the City Center

Recreating the City Center

Number of papers - 10, including:

Village in the City Mixed Use 
Donald MacDonald

Downtown Revitalization, Mountain View, California 
Ken Alsman

The Redevelopment and Use of Upper Level Space in Restored Downtown Districts
Richard Nashner

The Grove and the Parking Structure
D. Nels Reese

The Re-establishment of the Town Center
Donna Woodrum Dunay


#9 City Case Studies

City Case Studies

Number of papers - 10, including:

Chattanooga, Tennessee
Gianni Longo

Portland’s Central City Plan
Michael S. Harrison

Montreal’s Downtown Plan - A Critique
Joseph Baker

Edinburgh — The Festival City: A Study of Spatial Development
John M. McGuire, Jr.

Behind the Headlines: Making Belfast Livable
John Hendry


#5 Community Participation

Community Participation

Number of papers - 11, including:

The Evolution of Community Participation                   
Gianni Longo

Chattanooga Venture
Jim Hassinger

Only People can Build Community                   
John F.C. Turner

Community Architecture         
Rod Hackney


#4 Affordable Housing

Affordable Housing

Number of papers - 8, including:

Creating Affordable Housing
Jaques Kaswan, President, Urban Alternatives

Housing Low-Income Persons Through Use of Existing Housing Stock
Susan M. Vanhorenbeck

Charleston’s Scattered Site Infill Housing
Mayor Joseph P. Riley, Jr.

The Origins of Scattered Site Housing
James B. Hogan

Affordable Housing Through Community Architecture
Rod Hackney

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