#63 Nature and the Sustainable City

Nature and the Sustainable City

Number of papers - 5, including:

Local Food Networks as a Source of Place-Based Community
Jody Beck, Ph.D., Lecturer, Department of Landscape Architecture, Lincoln
University, Christchurch, NZ

Urban agriculture in Detroit
Joongsub Kim, PhD, AIA, AICP, Professor, Lawrence Technological University,
Birmingham, MI


#5 Community Participation

Community Participation

Number of papers - 11, including:

The Evolution of Community Participation                   
Gianni Longo

Chattanooga Venture
Jim Hassinger

Only People can Build Community                   
John F.C. Turner

Community Architecture         
Rod Hackney


#4 Affordable Housing

Affordable Housing

Number of papers - 8, including:

Creating Affordable Housing
Jaques Kaswan, President, Urban Alternatives

Housing Low-Income Persons Through Use of Existing Housing Stock
Susan M. Vanhorenbeck

Charleston’s Scattered Site Infill Housing
Mayor Joseph P. Riley, Jr.

The Origins of Scattered Site Housing
James B. Hogan

Affordable Housing Through Community Architecture
Rod Hackney


#1 Urban Architecture

Urban Architecture

Number of papers - 11, including:

Architecture as a Social Art,
Wolf Von Eckardt

Appropriate Architecture,
Rod Hackney

The DNA of a Healthy City,
Suzanne H. Crowhurst Lennard and Henry L. Lennard

Appropriate Urban Architecture,
Suzanne H. Crowhurst Lennard

Town Architecture, 
Donna Dunay

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