Tjaša Ficko - Ljubljana: 2016 European Green Capital

Tjaša Ficko, Deputy Mayor of Ljubljana spoke at the Bristol Conference about why her city decided to apply to the competition to be a Green Capital of Europe, and what her city achieved that won it this prestigious award.

Within five years, 2007 to 2012, Ljubljana created a pedestrian network in the city center, including what was until recently the main traffic artery into the city. The pedestrian system is supported by new pedestrian bridges, electric buses, and a bicycle sharing system. This allowed them to create a rich program of cultural events in the city’s public spaces. They transformed their river banks and revitalized brownfields as greenfields and playgrounds. They brought nature into the city, and installed public drinking fountains and an innovative underground recycling system that has become a model for other cities. Their sustainability strategy 'Vision 2025' has raised environmental awareness amongst the citizens, and transformed Ljubljana into a model for other cities to emulate.