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Plenary Sessions

Plenary Sessions

Planning for Health and Equity in Portland - Joe Zehnder, Portland, OR

Joe Zehnder will discuss how Portland has promoted the health and well-being of all by enhancing the quality of the public realm. He will demonstrate that much of the city center and many neighborhoods have wide, lively sidewalks with eyes on the street, traffic calming, and attractive landscaping, encouraging all Portlanders to walk and to be in public. He will explain the policy of developing an extensive streetcar system to foster compact, 20-minute neighborhoods, around mixed-use neighborhood centers that make it possible for many to live within walking distance of shops, services, schools, parks. He will also explain how the urban growth boundary provided an impetus for developing these more compact "urban village" structures along major transit routes. He will also discuss current efforts to improve streets in the poorer, more recently annexed outer neighborhoods.

“Place Networks”: The Structure of Healthy Streets and Sidewalks - Michael Mehaffy, Portland, OR

After Michael Mehaffy’s presentation:

1.  Attendees will be able to advise clients of new trends in urban theory.

2.  Attendees will be able to conduct research into new trends in urban theory.

3.  Attendees will be able to describe an emerging "science of cities" based upon new developments in network science.

4.  Attendees will be able to inform colleagues of the relationship between "placemaking," equitable economic development and quality of life.