57th Conference Topics

At the 57th conference in Carmel, we shall pay special attention to effective strategies and visionary design solutions to making our cities healthy and livable for ALL – young and old, poor and well-to do, and those with health and mobility issues. A few critical elements we shall focus on include:


Learning from Carmel

Some topics include:

  • Financing Mechanisms
  • Creating a Town Center
  • Calming Traffic

Reshaping Suburban Sprawl

Some topics include:

  • 10-Minute Neighborhoods
  • Human scale, mixed-use development
  • Minimizing high-rise development
  • Reshaping suburban shopping malls into town centers

Achieving Neighborhood Health Equity

Some topics include:

  • Achieving and maintaining healthy environments for children and elders
  • Accessible neighborhood social centers, parks and gardens
  • Strategic interventions: land use & transportation
  • Overcoming neighborhood health inequalities

Green Cities

Some topics include:

  • Climate change resilience
  • Protecting the health of natural systems in the city
  • Food sustainability
  • Urban beautification: more trees, nature, and community art work

Affordable Housing for ALL

Some topics include:

  • Mixed income multi-family housing
  • Mixed-use commercial and housing
  • The importance of social networks for physical and mental health

Preventing and Ending Homelessness

Some topics include:

  • Innovative funding to prevent homelessness
  • Ensuring very low income affordable housing
  • Combining transitional housing, with jobs & services

Active Mobility and Complete Streets

Some topics include:

  • Bicycle planning and bike networks
  • Walkability
  • Transportation accessibility

Integrating Public Health and Planning

Some topics include:

  • Public health & urban planning departments collaborate
  • Health Impact Assessment methods and case studies
  • Tools for healthy planning

The Social Environment

Topics include:

  • Creating community living rooms
  • Age-friendly communities
  • Building social networks